Our passion

The love and passion for horses and their breeding is not born overnight. Many times it comes from grandfather and father to the children. So also with us. Our fathers had previously worked in horse breeding. In the late 90s, we began our adventure with horses. Through the acquired experience, intensive cooperation with foreign markets and their continuous development, we are now pursuing the breeding of Holsteiner horses at the highest level. With its elegant, powerful hindquarters and strong ties, this breed is ideal for jumping. These horses are very fast galloping, energetic and tough, and achieve many successes in international sport.

Our life

From the end of 2011, we have our own stable, in the beautiful southern part of Wielkopolska, put into operation. And so for over a year we grow, attract, promote, train, and we enjoy on our pets in the house, in the picturesque Duszna Górka. We continue to change every time and to improve ... We offer our horses daily exercise and healthy feed large boxes. In 2012 we built a round pen with a diameter of 18 meters, so that we meet the needs of our sport horses. In the future we plan to create a professional riding hall. We see our mission as the contact with nature and working with horses. We focused on breeding horses at the highest level. We have some very good mares from famous bloodlines of LORD, CAPITOL I, LANDGRAF I CARTHAGO or Cor de la Bryère, and that means for us a part of the success hoped for. However, the cover with the world's best sires, approved by Holstein Association as Contender, Cassini I, Caretino, Chin Chin, Cento, Clinton, Cornet Obolensky, Quidam de Revel, Tlaloc, Diamant de Semilly or Baloubet du Rouet, completes the chance to breed interesting, typical for the race, and modern descendants.

Our future

Our strength and creativity have helped us to achieve excellent offspring. The first breeding season in our own stable is over. It was a season in which the experience of the best foreign insemination specialists and attaining a degree as insemination officers with good results, it allowed for a successful insemination of mares in our own stable. Andreas and I complement each other, we are persistent and know that the more we give of nature, the more you get back from it. Contact with horses based on the principle of equality and cooperation. Such an attitude is an advantage for both sides. Our vision for the future is to continue to grow wonderful offspring to achieve sporting success and the satisfaction of all whose who spend time with these wonderful animals and work.

Wioletta Kosicka


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